What is Google Maps and how can it bring more website traffic

What is Google Map?

Google Map is a Web service application and mapping technology provided by Google, it includes map based services like Google ride finder, etc. It also offers route planner for the journey on foot, by car, bicycle public and urban activity locator for many countries around the world. Google maps are not real-time. It means that these maps are updated in months and years. These maps do not show pole areas.

A Google map is a classic application developed by Google masters. This tool if used wisely, can help you in internet marketing and thus, growing your business to high levels. It’s a navigation tool where you enter your place and you can find your place on map. It is a very strong tool as compared to existing map utilities. It uses java script coding which makes Google maps different and ahead of other mapping tools.

Example of Google map

These days, users are using this Google map to search companies that offer services. Suppose, you want to go for an interview and you know the address but you don’t know what the route is and how to reach there. So you can type in the name of the company on Google search engine and search for it. It will show you the list and when you click on any of the link it will also show you the map of the company where it is located.

You can get web site traffic with the help of Google maps too. Today many business owners and firms are taking help of Google maps so that internet users can easily navigate to their products. You can list you business with your company logo. This will help in creating general awareness of your firm or products. If your products are good and useful then it may attract visitors and thus, it will help you in internet marketing. Users can also send reviews related to your business. Thus, here you will be able to know the response of people about your product.

Google map runs a Google Local Business Centre for business owners and companies.  So a business can also offer coupons through it.

You can promote your business and it will help you get web site traffic to your site. Some of the steps that should be kept in mind are as follows:

  • Now click on Google maps and check whether your business is listed or not. If your business is already listed then you click on more info to check all the information of your business. It will take you to Google’s local centre.
  • I would like to tell you that Google is looking for the owners of this business page. So, click on the business owner link and sign in with your Gmail account and now you have become the page owner. Now you can do editing and add more info.
  • If your business is not listed then click on the link which says” Put your business on Google Maps” and you can add relevant info of your business. Then, Google will confirm your page and then will publish it.

So, if people find your information useful on Google map then they may visit your site and thus it will help you in getting More Website Traffic.

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